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Whether you are needing care following a work injury or looking to prevent one, we can help!

Work injuries do not typically result from a serious accident as one might think, they often occur from repetitive stress to overused parts of the body. Harris Chiropractic in Middleton, ID has tools to help you recover from a work injury.

Repetitive Stress and Over-use Injuries

Simple tasks done with improper posture will create painful problems over prolonged periods of time. From sitting all day, to carrying awkward items, or even a simple task like bending to pick up an item can cause acute and serious pain. Even with perfect body mechanics, stress from repetitive work for can cause lasting pain or chronic issues over time.

Below are some repetitive stress injuries that we commonly see:  

If you are experiencing the start of an overuse injury or are at risk, it is wise to begin preventative care with a chiropractic consultation. This could prevent a lifetime of pain that stops you from living fully in the future.


Chiropractors have great success when it comes to treating work related injuries. The care that chiropractors are able to offer is non-invasive and safe. Dr. Harris will complete a thorough examination. Afterward, we will create a personalized plan to ensure you experience effective relief that lasts.

Call the team at Harris Chiropractic in Middleton, ID to find relief from your pain or prevent a future work injury (208) 424-5100.

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