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** Please note we will charge a $35 fee if you cancel or "no-show" for your appointment & give us less than 24 hours notice

 we do this to respect the time of both our doctor and those looking to schedule with us. Thank you.

Your First Visit

New Patient visits are typically 30 minutes and we expect to treat you at the first visit unless we feel it's contraindicated with your condition. Follow-up visits are usually about 15 minutes.

After scheduling your first appointment (either online or by phone) we ask that you complete our intake Paperwork and upload to our website. Alternately, please plan to arrive 15 min early to complete in the office as this allows for maximum time with Dr. Harris.

At your first appointment, we will thoroughly review your health history. 


We will conduct a complete exam which may include general tests such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes, as well as specific orthopedic and neurological tests to assess range of motion in the affected area of the body, muscle tone, muscle strength, or neurological integrity.


Based on the results of your history and examination, diagnostic studies may be helpful to more accurately diagnose your condition. The most common diagnostic studies we order include X-Ray, MRI, or CT scan.


Once a diagnosis is established, we will discuss whether we think your condition will respond well to chiropractic care. 

We typically provide adjustments and other therapies on your first visit, depending on your condition and our findings.

Before you leave, Dr. Harris will answer any questions you may have and provide you with information about your condition, specific instructions for home exercises, proper biomechanics, ice/heat therapy, posture correction and ergonomic changes.

For acute issues, our goal is to resolve your condition and release you in just 3-6 visits or less, where possible. We actively problem solve through your condition and expect results quickly.  We also teach you how to treat yourself and control your own symptoms when possible. This speeds up your recovery tremendously and will reduce your need for future care.

We know we are doing a good job when we're seeing you only for preventative care!

Where Should I Go?

New patients are often unsure whether they should go to their primary care physician, an orthopedic specialist or our office when experiencing discomfort or a nagging condition.

We like to think of our office as a first line of defense when dealing with common musculoskeletal injuries. We can assist you by rapidly evaluating and determining the cause of your pain and then construct a protocol to succinctly resolve your condition.

If at any point it appears your condition is not something we can help with, the appropriate referral will be made immediately.

Any type of acute traumatic injury such as a severe fall with possible fractures/dislocations or any extremely debilitating pain should be evaluated by an emergency room, your family physician or an orthopedic specialist. Once cleared for rehabilitative care we can then step in to assist you in your recovery and return to normal activity.

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