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What causes neck pain?

Neck Pain is one of the most regularly treated conditions by sports chiropractors. We commonly treat neck pain at both our Boise and Middleton locations. Neck pain, like back pain, can have a wide variety of presentations and causes. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Sprain/strain (whiplash)

  • Poor posture

  • Bulging disc

  • Arthritis

  • Upper cross syndrome

The pain is often accompanied by secondary symptoms or problems in nearby areas of the body such as neck and shoulder pain, or neck and mid back pain. Some other commonly associated symptoms are:

What should I do about my neck pain?

As with any condition, the first and most important step in treatment is the evaluation process. At Harris Chiropractic, our sports chiropractic physician will take the time to fully evaluate your condition to determine the cause of your pain. After an examination, we will explain what we think is causing the pain and educate you on which of our treatment options we think will provide you the most immediate and permanent relief.

Neck Pain Treatment

The treatment therapies utilized at Harris Chiropractic extend beyond traditional chiropractic. The traditional chiropractic adjustment has been shown to provide pain relief for certain types of pain but becomes dramatically more effective when it is used in combination with other techniques. At Harris Chiropractic, patients receive an individualized combination of techniques such as soft tissue myofascial release, cross-friction massage, Kinesio tape, and rehabilitation exercises. This gives our patients the best chance of becoming free of pain quickly and staying that way.

If you are looking for neck relief and would like to make an appointment at our Middleton Chiropractic office, or to discuss your condition with our sports chiropractor, please contact us or call our scheduling line at 208-424-5100.

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