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Most chiropractic clinics follow a standard treatment protocol for musculoskeletal conditions that involves 1-3 visits per week for 6-8 weeks and then re-evaluate the patient to assess progress. With Harris Chiropractic's diagnostic protocols and unique treatment style, you are re-evaluated every visit with an expectation of progress. Our overall goal is to fully resolve and release you as quickly as possible. The fewer visits needed for full resolution and release, the better.


Everything that we recommend at the office has been personally vetted and used by Dr. Harris with good results. We know people sometimes need help to maximize their healing potential-- We offer safe, affordable, and effective therapies that will get you feeling and performing better.

Our Business Model

We seek to earn trust by having open, honest communication and getting results quickly. Dr. Harris will work with you to meet your time and financial needs — whether insured or not. We only order additional exams such as x-ray if indicated as we believe it's important to limit exposure to radiation.

If you are not progressing as expected, we will refer you to an appropriate provider to make sure you get the results you're looking for. We have great relationships with the medical community in town, particularly for spine and orthopedic needs.

Our Treatment Approach

We seek to find out what is going wrong and put it right as quickly as possible using a range of hands-on chiropractic and sports medicine techniques. Dr. Harris has extensive experience treating and managing sports injuries. Often, an athlete will approach our clinic for a "tune up" without being in any acute pain. We screen for biomechanical and muscle issues and provide treatment with hands-on adjustment and muscle work to get the body firing on all cylinders again.

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