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There are three types of ankle sprain that sports chiropractors regularly diagnose and treat. The most common is the inversion ankle sprain. This type of sprain occurs when your ankle and foot roll inward causing the lateral ligaments to stretch too far, potentially tearing both tendons and ligaments on the lateral side of your ankle and foot. A less common sprain is the eversion ankle sprain. This type of sprain occurs when your ankle and foot roll outward injuring the tendons and ligaments on the medial side of your foot and ankle.

The third type of ankle sprain, which is not as common, is called a high ankle sprain. The high ankle sprain involves the two bones in your lower leg, the tibia and fibula, as well as the foot and ankle. Sometimes, an injury occurs that exerts such severe force on the foot and ankle that it causes the soft tissues connecting the tibia and fibula (specifically called the syndesmosis) to overstretch, this leads to a high ankle sprain.

All three of these ankle sprains can be treated with great success at Harris Chiropractic in either our Boise or Middleton locations utilizing soft tissue modalities in conjunction with taping, support braces, and rehab. We offer athletes a faster return to play with a lower risk for repeat injury in the future with our combination of therapies. 

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Feeling a pop or snap at time of injury

  • Pain with weight bearing

  • Tenderness to the touch

  • Decreased Range of Motion 

Treatment Options for Ankle Sprain

It is important to understand that ankle sprains are not to be ignored. Although many patient’s like to brush off the severity of a sprain, significant damage can be done if you do not attend to the injury. The more severe the sprain, the more critical it is to properly diagnosis and treat as early as possible. Dr. Jeff Harris at Harris Chiropractic can help give you the proper diagnosis and provide treatment to help you recover safely and quickly from your ankle sprain.

If you are suffering from an ankle sprain and would like to make an appointment at our clinic in Boise or Middleton with a sports chiropractor, please contact us or call 208-424-5100 today.

Ankle Sprain
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