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We will perform a thorough exam. IF an X-ray or MRI are indicated based on our findings, we will order the study to be performed by a professional and read by a Medical Doctor.

Your imaging study will be conducted by qualified technicians and read by a Radiologist, a medical doctor with extra training in the interpretation of imaging studies. 

Your results will then be shared with our office and we can discuss your options for treatment or need for further referral at that point.


We have outstanding relationships with the best doctors in the valley whether it be a Radiologist, Orthopedist, Neurosurgeon or even OBGYN. Dr. Harrises wife has worked as a registered nurse within St. Luke's for over 15 years and we will only refer you to a professional we'd trust ourselves! 

** We believe it's important to limit exposure to radiation where possible. We also believe it best practice to have all X-rays interpreted by a Radiologist.

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