There is no doubt that proper levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids are what help keep our body healthy and disease free. Most people with chronic disease have deficiencies of one or more of these. Many of us take supplements; while many of us should, but do not. The problem is that only a percentage of the supplements we take orally are absorbed into the bloodstream, and this largely depends on the quality of the supplement. This is only complicated by the fact that many people have a compromised digestive tract, which will inherently do a worse job at absorbing and assimilating vitamins and minerals. Many supplements out there may not contain true or even pure amounts of the nutrients you think you are taking.

Our office provides these IV Nutritional Therapies:

Myer’s Cocktail: This is a combination of vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, B12, and more) and it has been around for decades. This combination packs a punch but we have also added the component Glutathione to make it even more effective. This is great for chronic fatigue, boosted immune function, and mental clarity.

IV Vitamin C - More and more research is coming out to support the use of high doses of Vitamin C to support chronic disease.  Many cancer patients notice benefits to support their traditional oncology therapies.  Patients with chronic infections like Epstein Barr (Mono), Lyme, etc... also benefit from the boost to their immune system function.

ne of the best ways to introduce particular nutrients into the body to be utilized properly is directly through the blood stream. There are several different therapies that are available to aid with some of these issues and boost the immune system. We use carefully formulated materials from a compounded pharmacy and follow safe and specific formulations for our protocols. Your IV could contain many wonderful ingredients, such as - Vitamin C, Magnesium, zinc, selenium, trace minerals, amino acids, B Vitamins, B12, Folic acid, and more. These are all given via infusion, much like you'd get for hydration in the hospital. Our staff is highly trained to make the experience safe and comfortable.

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