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Do you have foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Bunions, Morton's Neuroma, Heel Spurs, or Hallux Rigidus?  Maybe you didn't even realize that the pain in your knee, hip, or low back, could be coming from the biomechanics of your feet - especially if you over-pronate in your gait! 

So many foot orthotic companies today just simply use a few generic molds and give you the "closest fit".  This will always result in inferior results.  Truly custom orthotics should make complete contact with your foot during neutral phase, and during the plantar flexion of the push-off phase. 

After years of trying various orthotic companies and testing different custom insoles, we have found a quality manufacturer to rely on.  We include your height and weight in the calibration of the stiffness of each orthotic.  Most importantly, your orthotic will be made from a foam mold of your foot in neutral position, then tested in plantar flexion.  This process ensures optimal results for preventing and correcting many lower extremity disorders. 

Don't think you can afford them?  Think again.  Many insurance companies have finally realized the value of custom orthotics in preventing other injuries, so it is becoming more common to get coverage for these important devices.  Our orthotics can be transferred between shoes, and a second pair comes at a discount.  Call our office today to find out if Custom Orthotics are right for you!

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